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Re: A4 Quattro '96- leatherette

DavidE4414@aol.com sez:
> What are thoughts/ opinions on the leatherette option vs. leather vs. cloth.

When I first started looking to order my A4Q I was looking for the cloth
upholstery.  Nada - none around.  So I checked out the leatherette as an
alternative.  I asked the salescritter what the hell leatherette was, and he
said it was very popular in Europe.  Didn't like it.  It felt strange and it
didn't look to me like it would last a long time (disclaimer - I know
nothing about pseudo-leather products).  Of course, everything a salescritter
says should be taken with a grain of salt (at least).

In the end, I broke down and ordered the leather.  I'm pretty impressed with
the quality of the upholstery, though this is the first car I've owned with

Try all three on if you can, and see what you like... that's what really


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