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Re: Great Deal in Dallas!

At 10:01 PM 7/14/96 -0400, you wrote:
>>I read the following add and it sounded like a great deal:
>>'91 200 Turbo black/black leather, 75K miles, complete books
>>and records, perfectly kept, oustanding cond $8950
>>$8950 for a Quattro 20v??? Perfect condition!!
>>I left a message and will post any more info I can 
>Sounds to me that this guy is selling a 10V Front Wheel Drive car, NOT a 
>20v Q.....
>Eric Fletcher
>St. Louis, MO

Check the ad again - It never says that the car is a Quattro or even a 20v.
For that kind of money it's probably neither.  Plus, it's black on black,
which means certain death in Texas . . .

Jason Snyder

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