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CGT fan & junkyard outing

Was bored yesterday so I replaced the fan relay and fan switch since the fan
would not engage while the engine was running.  Did the trick and all works
fine now.  But gee there was a bit of deja vu since I replaced the fan switch
less than a year ago and the relay even more recently.  How long are these
suckers supposed to last?
On a totally unrelated subject,  today I went down to the local junkyard just
for fun.  Wasn't really looking for anything in particular.  There were only
about 6 or 7 Audis all pre-'82 or so compared to the hundreds and thousands
of Hondas and assorted domestics.  I grabbed some center console gauges from
a 5000 (why?). Paid $4 a piece.  And I got the cruise control vacuum(? don't
really know what its called) since mine had a slight tear in it for $2.
 While standing in line, the fool behind me says to me, "What ya get?" After
he sees the gauges he says, "are those from an Audi?" and I figure hey this
guy knows what he's talking about. Wrong!  He then asks the typical "5000?
4000?" then i say, "no Coupe" After scratching his head he replies, "Either
way it's a piece of sh*t, isn't it?"  And, yes, I went a little off on him.
 Then he says, "well, all Audis I've ever seen are a piece of sh*t."  So I
see him later in the parking lot and I pull up to him and say, "does this
look like a piece of sh*t to you? (BTW I always get compliments on how new my
Coupe looks)  He is dumbstruck by the fact that my car is 10 (almost 11)
years old and get this-- my car has more miles on it (and is running strong)
than his crappy mid '70's Celica for which he had just bought the wrong rear
bumper for.  I rolled my eyes and drove off into the sunset...

Jesse Almero, Jr.
Torrance,  CA
'86 Coupe GT