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Slow leaking Power Steering. And my "solution" ... ?

Hi Folks!

Now that it is summer, it is time to take a resumee and report my
experiences with my "slow fluid leaking PS". It was as everyone knows:
Slow loss of fluid through the rack (the pump was replaced a half year
ago), worse when outside temperatures were warm and a little better
when cold. The car, a '87/100 5cyl, about 150kmiles, too old to replace
the rack, too good to sell, the expensive Pentosin; and me: too
scary to use "normal" PS fluid at that time...

Then I remembered an old story from one of you fellow quattro-listers
about ons grandfather (or father?) who got dry on Pentosin on a ride
and -- to protect the pump -- put the next best liquid he could get
out there in the desert into the reservoir: brake fluid.

I did it too. The last time the fluid level hit the ground (not the
"min"-mark! The ground!) I topped it of with normal DOT4. ("yea its 
broken anyway - wo what...") And the result: Almost (say: 98%) no more
leaking, even in summer! A little noise from the steering when idling
but thats ok. The last top of was Dec 95, and till now: knock on wood.

So stay tuned, we'll hopefully be back in a few minutes^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hmonths.

Happy Audiing!