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RE: Coupe q - Help! Rear seat side panels

I needed to remove the post. It was fairly easy to remove, but placement
was kind of important on replacement to get the rear seatback to latch.
Fortunately, I was able to match up to the old placement (can't
remember, paint marks or somethint).

Ian Duff, 1990 Coupe Quattro 20v

Home: New Bedford, MA, USA
Work: Charter Systems, Inc., Waltham, MA, USA

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>Sent: 	Monday, July 10, 1995 12:03 AM
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>Subject: 	Coupe q - Help! Rear seat side panels
>Hi all...
>I have sucessfully removed the driver's rear side panel. I need help on
>how to remove the side seat 
>"bolster." Bentley says to just pull up and out, but the top part of
>that is ON THERE. 
>It says nothing about removing the post the seat latches to, but I can
>see nothing else hoolding the bolster 
>Do the posts for the rear seats have to be removed before the bolster
>will let go?
>I got the panel apart with only minor cursing, but the reinstalling
>will be much more trouble if I can't get 
>this bolster off.
>Any help is appreciated.
>Todd - Akron, Oh
>90 Coupe q (minus one rear door panel, waiting for speaker transfusion)
>oter lesser beasts with complete interiors