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NE Outing July 27th

Doing a little research, it looks like there is no formal event at Lime Rock
that day. I don't know if the track is going to rented out by somebody else, but
it is my understanding that you cannot go into the site without some kind of
event going on.

It is my understanding that there are some nice parks in the area, I need to
find one that we can gather at. Anyone know of any? I'll put a call into the
local area.

I said 2-3 P.M., after getting a couple of emails back, it sounds like 12 noon
would be better. That way you can leave in the morning, we can get together for
1-3 hours, and you can be home for that hot Saturday night date! (or the kids
bath, or the in-laws, work, etc......)

I think we should bring some picnic food and have it in a park. Any objections?

I have also contacted a local source (performance automotive in Glastonbury, CT)
that I have used in the past for Zymol wax, and BMW parts (when I had one).

If anyone is interested in any Zymol products, I can them a couple bucks cheaper
there. They also have starter kits for $39.00 (5 oz of HD cleanse, 5 oz of car
wash, 4 oz of wax, and applicators). If your car is oxidized (or just dirty) you
won't believe how good it will look after you use this stuff! Contact me if
you're interested.

I also asked if they would like to give us any free-bees to give away. Anyone
else have any places that I could contact to see if they will give us something
for free? email me and I'll contact them.


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