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Open Hose on a 90 V8?

On my 90 V8 QAuto there is an unterminated hose on the firewall at the left (looking at the engine) 
side of the air filter box.  It comes from sowewhere behind the steering rack.  Material is usual 
cloth woven over rubber and is approximately 1/4 to 5/16 inch inside diameter, 1/2 inch od.  Near the 
top end is a plastic elbow and another 4 inch piece of hose and it just hangs there clipped to the 
firewall.  It is near the left side coil but I see nothing that it might supposed to be connected to.  
I see nothing in the manual suggesting disconnecting it for engine removal, no mention of it at all.  
Does not go to the air box as I had that out already.  You V8ers out there-would you take a look.  No 
disassembly required.  Just lift the lid and look behind left side of air filter box.  Do not confuse 
this with small plastic lines that traverse the firewall in the same region.  This is cloth over rubber 
hose, like old fashioned fuel line.

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