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Re: Smog check

   take it back to the mechanic from hell.  Does anyone know what is wrong 
   with this car--do not, i repeat, DO NOT, TELL ME I NEED A NEW CATALYTIC 
   CONVERTER, cause I will cry.

The cats do not last forever; after 100K miles (if you're lucky), they
tend to get pretty clogged/crumbly . . .

   The test readings were fine at the RPM of 2500 but the car registered 
   more than twice the maximum allowable "HC PPM" and more that 3 times the 
   maximum allowed CO2 at idle speed.
   I hope this makes sense, probable not but give me you best shot of advice

Sounds like (ignoring bad compre$$ion re$ult$...which i$ bad new$ any way
you want to look at it) O2 sensor old/clogged/not responding fast enough,
although could also be bad static mixture adjust.