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Re: Timing belt

On Mon, 15 Jul 1996 09:16:46 -0700 Mike wrote:

Dealer wants $64 to remove cam cover to check the belt. The question is
- - How much of a job is it to replace the timing belt? Anyone have a
guess as to the cost of the timimg belt and water pump for the 3B
engine? FYI, the crank case breather hose for the 3B engine is $79 from

You might as well take $64 dollars and throw it out the window...or give it
ot me.  ;-)

The dealer will find no timing belt if they remove the cam cover; they'll
only find the cam and the lifters.  I think they meant "cam belt cover",
which would take you all of about 5 minutes to remove.  Just a couple of
screws holding it on.  $64 is highway robbery!

You are toying with the Audi gods if you don't replace the belt; with that
mileage it won't last much longer.  More than likely it hasn't been
replaced.  Invest the $64 in getting this done.  Don't find out the hard way
how much a new head REALLY costs... (About as much as a Yugo when NEW...)

You could mail order a timing belt AND water pump for about $70...if you
know how to do it yourself.  Dealer will bend-you-over for in excess of $300
for this job.

1988 90