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Re: CGT fan & junkyard outing

Jesster436@aol.com wrote:

> Then he says, "well, all Audis I've ever seen are a piece of sh*t."  So I
>see him later in the parking lot and I pull up to him and say, "does this
>look like a piece of sh*t to you? (BTW I always get compliments on how new my
>Coupe looks)  He is dumbstruck by the fact that my car is 10 (almost 11)
>years old and get this-- my car has more miles on it (and is running strong)
>than his crappy mid '70's Celica for which he had just bought the wrong rear
>bumper for.  I rolled my eyes and drove off into the sunset...

It really is amusing to see how well an Audi can hold up over the years 
with a little PM and TLC and all those other things. I have a 1986 Audi 
4k that looks very new inside and out. People can't believe the shape 
this things in after all those years. Sure, I've removed some rust 
recently (on the leading edges of both rear wheel well and the trunk--not 
the lid). I still have some very light surface rust on the underside of 
the trunk and another little spot on the passenger side beside the 
windshield. Both are easy fixes. 

Considering the crappy Canadian winters with salt galore on all roads, 
you'd think this thing would have looked a lot crummier by now. In fact, 
I've seen a lot of Audis of this age that do look really crummy with lots 
of rust, but I would suppose these cars aren't getting washed too often 
in the winter and the salt just gets in there eats away......

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