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Re: Parking brake

Andrew Duane USG/PE, duane@zk3.dec.com wrote:

>Now, that said, rebuilt calipers for these cars can be had for
>under $200 each, and about 2-3 hours labor to replace both. This
>does not add up to $1070, except using a dealer's arithmetic.

Yes, let's not forget to ALWAYS ask about reman. parts when going to the 
dealer (and other places, but especially the dealer)! Recently I inquired 
about obtaining a driveshaft assembly for my 4k. The dealer quoted me 
about $1400 for all three parts (shaft and both CVs). That's right, $1400 
for ONE driveshaft assembly. At which point I giggle in my skull and say 
something like "That's pretty steep for a remanufactured part." At which 
point the parts guy sez something like "Oh, you want a rebuilt 
driveshaft? Well, that's about $250 with a swap."

Like, what kind of an idiot would actually put a brand new driveshaft 
assembly on an 11 year old car????? 

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