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Re: New Water Pump is In

Arun Rao, rao@frisbee.pixar.com wrote:
>On Jul 14, 12:51pm, Mark Eissler wrote:
>> Subject: New Water Pump is In
>> I must have taken everything apart and put it back together again at
>> least 3 times within the last 15 minutes of the operation.
>	I feel your pain, bro' -- I did that, too!

Yes, and it gets more painful: the new water pump hasn't solved the 
screech/whirry noise I get at just a certain RPM of say 950 or something. 
I was sure this was the problem. Maybe it really is the idler pulley as 
someone had suggested... Oh well, that'll have to wait until I attack 
those dang noisy lifters!!!!!!

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