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Re: Re: Satch Carlson

> I imagine Audiphiles probably are as a group pretty antithetical to the
> BMW crowd, so you haven't seen Satch's contributions to _Roundel_, the
> BMWCCA monthly magazine...
... you may find that you made a bit of a bad assumption there Walt!

I personally don't care for many of the Bimmers of recent vintage, but
I have been known to spend some time commuting on the two-wheeled 
variety.  There are others in the area that are quite involved in both
BMW and Audi groups ...

Thanks for the info ... If Satch writes regularly for the Roundel, I'd 
seriously consider joining the CCA ... they often have cheap track events
that allow other marques.  If I have to own a Bimmer to be a member, perhaps
I'll pick up one of the $500 '79 320i's I see in the paper occasionally ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)
'88 Audi 5kCSTQW
'83 Audi QTC
'92 BMW k1 (K1DRBAR)