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Re: Pulled over!

Dan Masi wrote:

> "No, sir, not fog lights.  I don't think you understand
>  what I'm saying.  See..."
> "Wait here, officer, I'll go turn it off..." (I go up
>  and flip off the rear fog)
> [puzzled and embarrassed cop:] "Oh.  I've never heard
> of that before.  Sorry.  You have a nice night."
> I've gotta know.  HOW OFTEN does this happen to Audi
> owners?!?

I have an '93 100CS with the rear fog light, and only use it in extreme conditions, fog, 
heavy rain, snow, etc.  Because it freaks people that aren't used to the concept.  Twice 
I've had co-workers tell me that I had a brake light out, but I've never been pulled 
over by authorities.

One day I was headed to work on snow packed roads, doing about 50mph, in a 55mph zone, 
and believe me, it was the safest max speed under these conditions (no Q in the '93).
Some jerk in a Pontiac Gran Am was tail-gating me, I mean really close, with no hopes of 
passing.  So I just flipped the rear fog light on.  It freaked him so bad he just backed 
off about 20 car lengths, and kept his distance the rest of the trip. I really don't 
recommend doing this, but 'do as I say, not as I do!'