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Moving from one to another 4 rings

Excuses me for the bandwidth.

In the progress of getting into a 1990 90 this coming weekend.  Traded the
old Diesel in for it paid $5300 for the car,and the dealer gave me $900 for
the 4000S. The 90 has 110,000 miles on it, but  it has 60,000 less then the
4000 that I am giving him; and hopefully the 90 starts better in the winter
season. The car is in good condition I am going to be the third owner.  

Anyhow,  also wondering if anyone was going to make the Chicago Classics
this coming weekend in Elkhart Lake, WI?

Well later-- and thanks for the bandwidth

Jordan '82 4000S Diesel  -->> to '90 90. :}}}