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1986 4KCSQ for sale

Quattro 	people,			7-16-96 
	Local paper here in Altoona, Pa, listed a 1986 4000CS Q for sale.  I 
went to look at it yesterday.  Needs lots of help, good body, engine 
sounds fine, interior is leather but lots of rips and tears.  Odometer 
says 60,000 but owner says 100,000......  I would say 160,000.  Needs 
two wheel bearings, rotors, and no doubt lots of other parts.   Could 
be a real challenging fix-er-upper or a good parts car.
The owner wants $1200....my bet is she would take much less.   
	I am not on the list anymore but I do get the  digest.  If you want 
the phone number email me at dougev@newpig.com and I will give it to 
you.   Normal disclaimers...etc!
Doug Evans
1985 4000S Q
1988 90 Q