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RE: Oil in A4Q

I agree with Greg Spark. I have been advised to run synthetic from day 1 to maintain the 'edge' on a new engine for as long as possible. On a brand-new, never-run or freshly rebuilt engine I like to:

1) run the engine up to operating temp with dino juice (cost factor only) and then change oil to synth & filter - get out all the big pieces of crap and most of the assembly lube

2) warm engine up to temp and then allow to cool, repeat 2-3 times, let all the new parts git real friendly.....

3) drive an easy 100-200 mi or so for 'break in', slowly increasing the max revs used and always varying the engine speed, change oil & filter again to get rid of the last of the assy lube & crap

4) real conservative and/or very expensive engine, change again at 500 - 1000 miles

5) go with whatever you like for normal change intervals, 1000 miles per change with my T/A, 2-3000 with the ur-q and 5000 with the 5000TQ daily-drivers.