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RE: CQ Shocks

> I have been reading the mail on shocks for the Coup Quattro with some
> interest.
> Last year, I decided to replace the original shocks in my Coupe as they were
> feeling
> rather mushy.  my preference for replacements were:
> First: KONI        Second: Bilstein        Third: Tokico Illumina  Fourth:
> Boge
> Much to my surprise, there were no applications for the Coupe made by the
> first
> three companies; this included phone calls to KONI and Bilstein US
> headquarters.
> I ended up purchasing the Boge, which to my rear end are getting fluffy after
> a year.
> What have other owners found out?  Was I told a falsehood?

there is no way in hell I am going to buy bogus Boge shocks. These aren't
any better than stock VW parts. I am not surprised they are getting soft
after a year and is that happened to my Scirocco before the CQ.

If there are no KONIs available I guess I am screwed. The dealer quoted me
$800 for two stock rear shocks including labor. That sounds excessive.