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Re: Bombs away

if you have an accident, whether at fault or not, and the later
investigation reveals the "modified" brake system, some creative plaintiff's
attorney is going to have a field day in court ("well, if  your brakes
operated *as designed* by the factory you'd have been able to avoid the
collision blah blah blah...")  afterall, how many trained high-performance
drivers are you likely to find on a jury?  

At 12:44 PM 7/16/96 -0500, Stephen Williams wrote:
>	WoW!  Going from disabling the assist to Crimminal negligence, 
>all in one move.  Pretty nifty.  I have driven with and without the power 
>assist, can't say I have a preference, *but* if the brakes on STEADIRIC's 
>car are defective, I'd like to order 2 sets before the defect is cured.  
>	Bruce
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