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Re: Crankshaft gear (nearly) falls off!!!

Paul C. Waterloo wrote:
> > What should I do?  Is there any compound I could use to shim the cutout
> >  (slot) in the crankshaft?  Can I rely on 300lbft to ensure gear
> >  doesn't move relative to crank any more?  I really don't want to put a
> >  new crankshaft into this engine (I am intimidated at the prospect of
> >  removing the engine, buying a crankshaft, replacing big end bearings
> >  etc) as it has only done 138,000 miles.
> >
> There are many good compounds that you mix together and then put on metal and
> then have to machine back down. One used in utility industry is called Belzona
> supermetall (part number 1111).  It can be very expensive because it is top of
> the line stuff, but you might be able to get a sample from a local distributor
> for free.
> I do not know the exact configuration of the components, or what is worn, but
> you will have to do some kind of hand grinding/machining. I don't know if you
> can get away with just using a die grinder. This stuff is really tough when
> cured.
> There are also other materials out there, I would call an industrial
> parts/repair place out of the yellow pages.
> Paul

I agree. Have had alot of first hand experience with belzona. Says
something about some of the repairs in my Industry.:-). If you do use
it, make sure you apply the release agent to the gaer so that if you
ever plan on making a proper repair. It can be removed.
Good stuff, but yes expensive.


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