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RE: CQ Shocks

ray calvo said:
RE: CQ Shocks

>I have been reading the mail on shocks for the Coup Quattro with some interest.
>Last year, I decided to replace the original shocks in my Coupe as they were
>rather mushy.  my preference for replacements were:
>First: KONI        Second: Bilstein        Third: Tokico Illumina  Fourth:
>Much to my surprise, there were no applications for the Coupe made by the first
>three companies; this included phone calls to KONI and Bilstein US

Koni DOEs make shocks for the Coupe Q.  I understand that the rears are
special orders.  

I don't believe that Bilstein has shocks available for the CQ in the US.

I hear that Eric F. may know something about Tokicos for the 90s/CQs.  Eric???

Did you get the regular Boges, or the Pro or Turbo Gas versions??? 
For example, Imparts can get you either the Konis or the Boges...

My CQ also needs new shocks, and I am waiting while I do my homework.
My worst case scenario: Adjustable Konis, front & rear, with Eibach
progressive springs...

Any other CQ owners with comments???

Peter Schulz
1990 Coupe Q