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Re: Pulled over!

dan_masi@MENTORG.COM (Dan Masi) sez:
> "I'm pulling you over because you've got a defective 
> rear light; your left brake light is on all the time."
> "Oh!  No, that's the rear fog light.
> I've gotta know.  HOW OFTEN does this happen to Audi 
> owners?!?

It must happen fairly often since my salescritter explicitly warned me about

I guess it wouldn't be such a problem is it weren't so well integrated into
the taillight cluster... it's more obvious that it's a fog light if it's
located some distance from the standard lights (like under the bumper - the
seemingly traditional location).

It *is* unfortunate that you're likely to attract the (generally unwanted)
attention of the constabulary by using safety equipment like rear fog lights.


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