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Re: Dash Noise ??

Even though your radio is off, the high-pitched sound is caused by the 
stereo or the speakers or something.  My brothers '88 90Q and '90 
90Qcoupe both had that irritating whine, until he had a new CD player 
installed.  The guy who put it in said that somthing was wired wrong  or 
weird or something, I can't remember but he fixed it. Electrical is not 
my area.  I can only help to the point of diagnosing that something *IS* 
an electrical snafu.

Good luck!
> the south east in my 1990 V8...along the way, I tried to figure out the noise
> from under my dash....it doesn't matter what the climate control settings
> are, cruise on or off, what the radio is doing or anything else expect the
> speed and throttle position.  The noise is rather high pitched, (almost
> electronic sounding), always stops when I declerate, it is worse when
> cruising at a constant speed.  If I accelerate from the constant speed, it
> change pitch.  The nosie seems worse at 65-70 versus slower or faster.