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Re: Happy anniversary to me!

>> he hey, thats not as far out as you would think. we just did a quick
check and came up with the following list of vehicles we have owned since
getting married in '61.50 riley dh coupe, 53 buick roadmaster v8, 50
standard vanguard, 58 volks mini bus<went through 5 engines in 6 mo> 62
mercury van, 50 ford prefect wagon, 58 jag xk150, 64 austin a40 mk 11, 65
rover 2000, 72 renault 16ts, 72 ford capri<german model>, 62 lotus super
seven series 111 ford 1600 with holbay cross flow heads, mazda rx3, gmc
van,54 mci 95 bus,79 dodge maxi van suzuki 650 katana, suzuki 450 gs,84 lada
1300, ford cube van,69 chev wagon, 81 chev wagon, lada 1500, lada 1600,
volks 412 wagon, 57 morris isis, 66 international v8, and mandatory audis-
80 4000s grn, 80 4000s blue. wow i'm amazed we're still married. imagine if
i saved all that dough and elbow grease and had used it only on audis. wow

ha,ha congratulations, july 1 was my 35th, and i got the same present i got
>> on my wedding night??????
>I don't get it -- how many jack stands does one person need at any one
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