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Stereo Upgrade for 80Q

My 1991 90Q has horendous (Sp?) AM reception, and the FM/Cassette quality
ain't no great shakes either, so I have finally decided to upgrade.  Now I
have several ?'s:

1.  I see head units that have CD changer controller.  Is it possible to mix
and match.  IE Denon head with Sony changer?  Has anyone used the Denon
DCR420 ($160 good price?) comments? - I like the Sony CDXT62 6 disc changer
because it is small.  Room in the trunk is already so limited, I hate to put
a big box back there.

2.  Do I need a mounting kit.  I have had the stock radio out several times
trying to fix my reception and it is a straight foreward operation - just
slides out.  Will the Denon slide right back in?

3.  What size replacement speakers are necissary for both front and back?  I
have followed several threads about removing front grilles, and this seems
like an easy operation.  Recomendations?
PS. Does anyone else have this AM reception problem.  The car has the between
glass antenna which I replaced w/ a fender mounted unit, checked all of the
grounds etc on power supply,  but it still didn't help.  I concluded the head
unit was just crappy.

Jeb Soult 

91 80Q
69 TR-6

88 CRX 100K good shape - for sale