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Looking for cheap 4KQ or 5KQ

I just sold my 87 5KSQ (to a guy on the list) and had another guy come and take
a look at it. He has a wicked steep driveway like me and I told him how good a
quattro is.

He called back this morning to ask more about Audi's. Told him I would fax him a
copy of the quattro list market place. 

If anyone has a good shape 4 or 5KQ (s, cs, turbo, etc.) and are looking to get
rid of it, he's looking to spend about 2-4K (he's like most of us, doesn't want
to spend a lot of money for a decent car). He lives near Norwalk, CT, so it
probably has to be in the NY/CT/NJ area.

He's not on-line, his work number is 203-853-2761, home 203-762-0546. Name is
Tom Morrissey.


91 200 Q

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