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Re: Timing belt II

Robert Myers wrote:
> You're welcome, John.
> WD40 probably isn't quite flammable enough to test for leaks with.  Some
> people use a butane lighter or torch (and, of course, no fire).  Did you try
> the dipstick vac leak test?
> The O2 sensor can be done without a special tool, but then you'll probably
> need to cut and splice wiring which is prolly not a good idea.  I saw one in
> the JCWhitney catalog for about $6 or so which should do the job for you.  I
> haven't looked elsewhere, but I betcha you can find one locally at someplace
> like your local NAPA store.  It's a deep socket (7/8?) with a slot cut out
> of a side to make room for the wires to the sensor.  Of course, you'll need
> a long extension and a ratchet for the socket.
> Definitely you want to change the water pump while you're in that far for
> the timing belt.  Parts should run about $45 for the pump and maybe $15 for
> the belt.  Call Linda at Carlsen Audi 1-800-523-2408, mention this list and
> tell her I sent you.  She will give you a decent price on an OEM belt and
> remanufactured water pump.  Shipping will be extra.  Replacing the water
> pump alone about two weeks after replacing just the timing belt will involve
> almost the same amount of labor as replacing the belt.  So...  Replace the
> water pump just on general principles.  Just do the job once, if possible.
> The r/r job is a bit complicated and involves removing nearly the whole
> front end of the car just to get at things.  Me?  I'd hire a good -
> knowledgable - mechanic to do it.  Others would tell you to do it yourself.
> If you do, you'll need more info from someone else.  Figure on starting
> early Saturday morning and finishing about midnight.  :-)  Perhaps 8 hours
> labor for your mechanic?
> You will find that your car's 10 valve I-5 engine will be very durable
> (nearly bullet-proof) but will require regular and proper maintenance to
> keep running well.  Rule number 1.  Change oil and filter regularly.  Rule
> number 2.  Change oil and filter regularly.  Rule number 3.  Change oil and
> filter regularly.  Rule number 4.  RTFM!
> The Blizzaks (or other good snow tars) are a good idea.  You can prolly get
> by with all-season tires but, if you are not sure of your snow driving
> abilities, take advantage of all the help you can get.  Learning to drive in
> snow is fun.  When you have an opportunity, find yourself an empty
> snow-covered parking lot and cut a few cookies.  :-)  You'll find that there
> are some things you can't do, but you'll also be amazed at what you *can*
> do.  The trick is to learn the difference so that you don't get yourself
> wiped out at an inopportune time.  :-)  Going is easy.  Stopping is another
> consideration.  Cornering, if done correctly, can be surprisingly effective.
> Ain't that rev limiter sumpin?  :-)
> Have fun.
> >Thanks Robert, Bob, Justin....
> >
> >All the help will be helpfull...
> >
> >Have spryed all hoes with WD-40??  No revs not sure its a good spry
> >though??  Didn't know about the Oil dip stick think ???
> >
> >Will change the O2 sensor, in fact when I bought the car (11-5-95) the
> >O2 light lit during the test drive, was out when picked up, looks pretty
> >old....  Do you need to have a special wrench for this job and is it
> >normally pita!  ie.-new exhust as well??  The timing belt will get top
> >billing I guess my AC will not get fixed this week after all, what is
> >the normal job cost for- belt+water pump(most say to change at same
> >time?) here in the CT area and where??
> >
> >As far as the Revs go tonight I had some fun with some sand on a on
> >ramp, boy sure is strange to give full power on to an on-ramp (hard
> >left) and track pretty stight!!!!  So I'm told these I-5/10vs can be
> >worked like there VW counter part (1.6/1.8-8vs) Your right about that
> >brick wall thing with rev-limit!!!! My VW was passing a dump up hill --
> >car coming down all of a sudden, I'll just downshift.... 5000, 6000,
> >6300, ....... huhhhhhh!!!!!  3000 oh S_it oh well I made it???
> >
> >Thanks Once again for the help!!!!
> >
> >BTW-don't stop sebding help and or stories....
> >
> >still need to work on snow driving maybe some Blizzacks this winter :)
> >
> >
> >
> ___
>    Bob
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Just tried the oil-dipstick and filler cover.... NO change in idel NONE.

Did unplug the ISV (I think is that round thing with one plug-in, and 
inserts into the air-bonet???) Idel picked-up????

Thanks for any help!!!!!!!!!!!!!