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Coupe Quattro Suspension

I've got a '90 Coupe quattro, and put on H&R springs and the
Koni sport shocks, set to the middle setting.  I'm happy with the
ride quality, and the difference in handling is amazing.  The pitch
associated with braking is drastically reduced, and so is the roll
with cornering.  The 225 50 16 Comp TAs help also.

There is a picture in the new Quattro Quarterly of me at the
Stapleton event doing the slalom, and compared to other
pictures I have at other events, body roll is minimized.

Based on other's comments about Eric's suspension setup for
the 5000/200 TQ, I'd wait till he comes out with his setup for the
Coupes before I bought from anybody else.

I bought my setup from APS (Neuspeed), and was real pleased
with the service.  Check your upper strut bearings when you
install (mine were toast).

Speaking of the new Quattro Quarterly, what does everyone think
about the "Letter from the President", giving the financial
statement from 1995? 

Alex Chernushin
'90 Coupe Quattro, Lago Blue