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AC Not going on

>Well my AC is almost working.  Here is the scoop.  When manually pushing
>together the contacts on the relay that is the control unit (part no 443
>919 578 G) under the dash, all is good.  Compressor goes and cold air comes.
>BTW, just had it filled by the dealer the other day.  SO, now my concern is,
>what the  H*CK is going on?!  I am extremely agitated at this point.

Did it work when you left the dealer?  If not, take it back.  If so, 
verify that you have continuity through the low pressure switch.  If I 
remember correctly, the low pressure switch switches ground to the relay. 
so it would also be a good idea to check for a bad ground at the switch 
points of the relay.

Hope this help.....