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Re: S6 plus

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     Hairy green toads from Mars made Eliot Lim write:
     > well, my theory is that the atmospheric audi engines don't generate 
     > much excitement here because they do not have aftermarket potential 
     > of the turbo engines.
     > 330 bhp is easily within reach even for the older 5 bangers, let 
     > alone the v6 TT.
     Well, yeah, you have to do the work yourself or get it done, you don't 
     get a factory warranty, you have to wait a couple seconds for power 
     after flooring the accelerator, and you don't get the V8 sound. An S6+ 
     wagon would be the Quattro to have in my book.
     Mark Andre
     Fort Collins CO
     91 2CQW