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Re: Crazed Alarm System

Hairy green toads from Mars made Al Powell say:

> Howdy friends - 
> After replacing the lock link on the driver's door handle of my 1990 
> 200, the alarm system has become crazed.  
> Often, it does not DIS-arm when entering the car.  Sometimes if the 
> car is not locked, and I exit and re-enter, it goes off from that 
> entry.
> Any idea what the *&!@#^@!^ might be going on?  I suppose I might 
> have gotten something set wrong in the door handle lock, but WHAT???

In addition to the lock mechanism itself, there is an electrical
switch that controls the alarm. Perhaps it is slightly out of 
alignment, so that it doesn't always connect when you turn the key.

If the passenger door works OK all the time, this is the problem.


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