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Re: Dash Noise

My A4Q does the same thing...the small high pitch noise.
When I go to freeway, I will turn my radio loudly.
Next time I will turn it off and listen carefully the noise problem.

BUT, when I just start or stop my car, I can definitely hear the high 
pitch noise. not loud, but enough to make me crazy.

I found out that the noise getting louder when I step on the brake.

Any A4Q owners have the same problem?


On Wed, 17 Jul 1996, McIntyre, Richard wrote:

> My A6Q does something similar, but it's more subtle.  The
> local Audi mechanic couldn't hear it, but most passengers
> can after you mention it to them.  In my case the sound
> is very sensitive to accelerator position (which I think means
> vacuum), and secondarily speed (74 mph is the sweet spot,
> but I've heard it at 49mph).  I've just about given up on it.
> Richard
> >From: HKravec@aol.com
> >Date: Tue, 16 Jul 1996 18:17:02 -0400
> >Subject: Dash Noise ??
> >
> >I've just got back from a 440 mile drive along the beautiful interstates of
> >the south east in my 1990 V8...along the way, I tried to figure out the noise
> >from under my dash....it doesn't matter what the climate control settings
> >are, cruise on or off, what the radio is doing or anything else expect the
> >speed and throttle position.  The noise is rather high pitched, (almost
> >electronic sounding), always stops when I declerate, it is worse when
> >cruising at a constant speed.  If I accelerate from the constant speed, it
> >change pitch.  The nosie seems worse at 65-70 versus slower or faster.
> >
> >Anybody got any ideas??  Could it be vacuum? the in dash temperature sensor?
> > I'm  going nuts, maybe!
> >
> >thanks   Hank