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Re: Idle surge/stalling

Fellow hobbyists:

About 3 weeks ago I wrote about my 87 5KTQ stalling when hot and A/C on.  As
always I thank you for your resposes and help. It seems to me that certain
parts fail on these cars as a factor of time and not mileage but I would need
to research that point, i.e. alot of posts on 87 idling, brakes, Bombs, etc -
we can't all have the same mileage.

Anyway - my results:
 Cleaned air box and plate = no change
 Sprayed ether = no change (remember I never claimed I was perfect)
 Inspected hoses - appeared OK   LOOKED CLOSER - crankcase breather hose  on
verge of collapse, big hole on underside, another breather hose (?) -shaped
like a crooked "J" smaller hole, also soft as gel. Took off the large hose in
front of engine on turbo inlet(?) - has wire around it- found small 1/4"

After replacement, idle just stayed high, I then was able to turn in the 
brass metering screw and achieve a normal idle. NO surging, no stalling.
Mileage jumped instantly and my boosst which was just making 1.0 to 1.1 now
hits 1.3.

I hope this helps those of you with similar problems.

This weekend, we change the bomb.

Funny, I saw this movie with Tom Hanks called the "Money Pit"......

Thanks again
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