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Euro lights (used)

To all listmembers who wrote to me about getting used European headlights
for your Audis:

The last few weeks I've rang about every junkyard in the vicinity where I
live. I've called all specialised VW-Audi or German cars 'yards in Holland,
but no luck! I've even called the national used car parts hotline. No

The problem is that about 99% of all cars sold here were Audis 100 and 80,
not the 200 and 90 you guys are getting (aka the 5K and 4K). Ergo, the
lights do not fit. I thought I'd located a pair of used 90 lights
(described on the phone as 'good'), but when they arrived they were
terminally corroded and the mechanisms were seized. They wanted equiv. $200
for those lights! They could find me a lot of US spec lights though...

I've also succeeded in locating a set of used lights for a 1987-1991 Audi
80. One was cracked and looked like it had been grit blasted, the other one
was OK. I'd intended to offer it to the list when I'd located another, but
then my own headlight got busted by a rock thrown up by a truck in front of
me. @#$%!

So...I'll keep looking, but it's gonna be hard. My local 'yard, which
yielded a superb & cheap interior for my old Jetta when I needed it, had
only a couple of Audi 50's (seventies badge-engineered VW Polo), some circa
1979 Audi 80's (burnt/crashed) one stripped 100 (1987 vintage) and an
extremly stripped 1990 80 that even had parts of the body cut out... I
think there was nothing more than a good front door on that one. Oh well, I
had already resigned myself to getting my parts new, from the Audi

I'll keep looking, though!

Bye for now, Tom
1988 80 1.8S FWD

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