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Re[2]: Coupe (90) shocks

     What exactly is the lowered sport package.  I have never heard of this 
     and I don't know any Coupe(90,91) that have it here in the US.  The 
     tire size books that the dealers use also show no mention of any other 
     size than the stock 195/65/15
     Tim NJ 90CQ, 77Spitfire

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Subject: Re: Coupe (90) shocks
Author:  tasos@avs.com (Anastasios Kotsikonas) at Internet
Date:    7/18/96 9:45 AM

> Tasos:
> There seems to be much confusion re: fitments.
I think the confusion is all mine due to lack of knowledge...
> Beware that the dealer is not assuming that the 
> application for the 80/90Q fits.
I don't think I understand this... care to explain?
>  Most (all?)
> Coupes and 90q20vs had the 24.5 mm lowered "sport" 
> suspention - generally packaged with the 205/50-15 
> wheels/tires.
I am going to have to ask the dealer if my car is "lowered" but it's wearing 
195's/65-15. Any easy way to tell if the car has the lowered suspension?
And what if it does? Then how does one go about choosing shocks?
> Is the Koni application still "off the shelf"?
I think so.
> (and do you really want Koni sports (yellow)
> on the street?)  You live, amybe, below the frost line? :-)
I do not want the yellow KONIs, and the red are not available. The Boge 
turbo gas could be an alternative but I am getting suspicious about the fact 
that the dealer wants $800 (!!!!!!) for 4 stock Boges and I can get
the turbo gas for 1/3 of that price. Something's not right.
> Grant