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QCUSA Watkins Glen Event; impressions

Hi all. Thought I'd share to share my impressions re: the Glen event. 

I do see that the "controversy" regarding Club operations has re-ignited a 
bit, and perhaps both sides have some points in their favor. 

However, aside from that, I'd like to say that I found the Glen event to be an 
*incredibly* great time. It was professionally run, with quality materials, 
instructors/instruction and track operations, to say the least. While this was 
my first motor-club event of any kind, it certainly compared favorably, at 
*much* lower cost, to two professionally-run driving schools (Barber @ Lime 
Rock and Roos @ Pocono) I have attended. Granted, Barber and Roos provide the 
equipment, but I have *never* had more fun in a car for under $300. (No Hugh 
Grant jokes, please.) Over 210 miles driven at top speed (for me, anyway) on a 
world-famous track! Would have been a few more miles, but I was flagged in by 
course officials due to a noise from my left front wheel - seems my brake pads 
were very close to entering brake-heaven, with about ten minutes left in the 
final run session. Thinking back, I suppose I could have poked a screw driver 
in there and bent the wear indicator tabs back and done a few more laps, but a 
dozen more laps at those speeds and I'd have been grinding away at my rotors. 

Just as much fun and instructive was the oppportunity to ride with instructors 
during their run sessions. Like a roller coaster ride, but sideways.

Note: I did run my GTX as opposed to to my 100Q - better power to weight ratio 
and $500 less preparation needed. I & my car (I think the little bugger made a 
good show of itself, among some serious pieces of equipment) were well 
received by other attendees, who seemed to appreciate a little diversity in 
the field. (As I understand, the GTX does run an early version of the 

All in all, I can without reservation recommend the event to others. The only 
problem I had occurred the following day - withdrawal symptoms, upon going 
back to my desk job.

Frank Martin
'89 100Q
'88 Mazda 323 GTX