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Re: Cam timing

Gee, Graydon, I remember from the very early, very long ago, days of my
youth that my father's 1929 Model T had a stalk mounted on the steering
column which allowed him to advance or retard the timing manually.

Have we come full circle?  :-)

At 11:01 AM 7/18/96 -0400, you wrote:
>	Well, I replaced my spark plugs Monday night.  While I was in 
>there, I checked my cam timing, because my 5KCSTQ didn't seem to have the 
>low end torque it used to.  Wow, it was _RETARDED_ one tooth, instead of 
>advanced one tooth. (Not to mention the mechanic who last worked on the 
>car!)  Now everything is starting to make sense.  Here's the story.
>	Last winter, I had a business trip to Az, while we had a monster 
>snowstorm here in Flint.  My 5KCSTQ ended up staying at the airport for 
>the full 4 days, since my wife couldn't get out of the house to go pick 
>it up.  When I returned, I turned the key, and it fired once, then 
>stopped, and would not start.  I ened up returning the following day, and 
>I had to resynchronize the distributor with the crank to get it to 
>start.  Then it worked fine.  Seemed weird to me that the distributor 
>would turn, but anyway, it worked.
>	Now I know what happened - I was not using the timing belt cover, 
>because I wanted to be able to change cam timing.  I guess some snow got 
>into the belt, and it flipped two cogs.  (OK, I admit, that retarded 
>mechanic was me, alright?)
>	I had noticed since then, though, that the high end HP is 
>fantastic.  Now, with the cam advanced 1 tooth, the high end is a little 
>soft, but the low end torque is much better.  Hmmmmm, an adjustable cam 
>pulley would really be the cat's meow!   I know it was mentioned a while 
>back, but who has these adjustable cam pulleys?  How much?  I can deal 
>with the 2312 code for "No Hall Signal" - I want that pulley!
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