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RE: Bel, and Alternator woes

After much debug, new alt and new battery I (Eurosport in Merrimack NH) found that the brand new Diehard was bad. Tested OK, voltage looked great, but *sometimes* no start. The guys at Euro said that these suckers often exhibit intermittent prollums, even when new. I got my $$$ back from Sears and went with one of Euro's $90 batteries. Works great now. 87TQW.

Also, are all the wagon owners here aware that the wagons have lower output alts Vs the sedans, that the factory is aware of the prollum and that there is a factory 'fix' that jes replaces the alt pully with a smaller diam pully to spin the existing underrated alt faster? The wagons actually have a higher max load Vs the sedans due to a larger rear defroster and also a rear wiper. Makesyahvunderwhatdahf_kaudi......???