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Re: S4 Relay Chatter Gremlin

>I have a 1993 S4 with 21.5K miles.
>Over the past few months, it has developed a really annoying and peculiar
>electrical gremlin.  With the ignition off, relays inside the dashboard
>start chattering and clicking wildly.  If the windows are down, they roll up
>by themselves.

>Sometimes it goes days without malfunctioning.
>Other times, it starts up in the middle of the night and sounds like a ghost
>moaning in the garage.
>Does anyone have any clues as to what might be going on here? 

Oh man!  Sounds like the German counterpart of 'Christine'!  ;)  
Ummm... your car was never 'flooded' was it?   I knew a guy with a
Acura Vigor that was in a flood and it developed a few problems
like that.  

Good luck!


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