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Re: Bel, and Alternator woes

Robert Houk - SMCC Bos Desktop Hardware wrote:
> Yeah, much as I used to be a firm advocate of the DieHard, they just
> don't make up like they used to!
> Dunno what I'm gonna do for my next battery; maybe one of those highly-
> touted "Optima" batteries . . .
>                                         -RDH

Four years ago I needed a new battery and it just wasn't convenient
to go anyplace far away (no foreign parts places for 15 miles) so
I went to the parts place a few blocks away and bought a 60 month
Delco battery for $54.  It has a higher CCA rating than the stock
battery and has performed like a champ.

Don Hoefer
'82 Coupe