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Portia's Wagon :-)

Well Portia,

Depending on how much money you want/can spend you have a few

86?-88 5000tqw, your already familiar with these models :-)  $2,500 - $7,000 or
so for
an absolute immacalute one....

89-90 200tqw,  lowest I've seen is $8,000.- for car with over 125k miles in so
so shape...
the highest is $13,000 for mint with about 90k miles.  newer interior style
inside, very 
similar to a V8.  

91 200tqw I believe there was a 3rd seat option on this model..... flared
fenders, 20v engine.....
not cheap.  Usually in the lower to upper teens...

92+ 100csw new body style, V6, automatic, just starting to drop below 20k in

95+ S6 Wagon,  if cost is no concern :-) $40k or so... 

We have a 90 V8 (mine) and an 89 100 Wagon (Karens)  She insisted on
the 89 or newer interior with automatic.  This unfortunately is a one year
only car because all 90-91 wagons were Turbo Quattro :-(  Took me 6 months
to find one in good shape and we payed asking price with 92k miles. :-(  but
the car looks and drives great at its present 105k :-)  thanks to this list it
has synthetic oil in it's veins (no valve clatter anymore) Bosch driving lights,
(hey I can see now!!!) Dunlop D60/A2 205/60/15 tires (wow I have traction
in snow/wet conditions now!!!)  Alpine am/fm/cassette (Boy so this is what 
music really sounds like :-)

Thanks Everybody for suggestions :-)

I'll have to get my wife to respond to your post as well :-)

Good Luck Portia!!!


Mike L.

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