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Re: Audi Wagons

     Okay, A6/S6 wagons did have a bench 3rd seat, corrected! BTW, the 
     5K/2C wagons--and 4K quattro wagon (a.k.a VW Quantum Syncro wagon) are 
     longer/larger behind the rear seat than the A6/S6. Audi wagons have 
     roof rails which are of the few Yakima rates "ok" for their roof 
     carriers at highway speeds.
     As to the other remark about how you can't be cool in a wagon, tell me 
     how to be cooler in a four-door SEDAN. Coupe owners are the coolest.
     Mark Andre
     91 2CQW w/cool package
     87 VWQSW
     64 VWKGC

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Subject: Re: Audi Wagons
Author:  Non-HP-cpalmer (cpalmer@dingo.webo.dg.com) at HP-ColSprings,mimegw4
Date:    7/18/96 11:59 AM

>      there are no rumble seats/3rd seats available 
>      for the back of the 5000/200/S6 wagons. 
Actually, the S6 wagons (and I think the A6 wagons) come with a 
fold-down rear-facing third seat designed to hold two persons
of up to 75lbs each (either two children or two models I guess).
Chris Palmer (1995.5 S6 wagon)              "Ashes to ashes, 
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>> I may be fixin' to have my third
>> child, but I still want to look cool and be able to teach some of these
>> boy racers to respect Audis.

> You can't be cool in an wagon, sorry.  Even if you have an S6, it's still
> a wagon.  I suppose you could out drag some, but there are too many
> cars out there that weigh less and have high-output engines.