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Replacement Radio

> On Jul 18,  9:12am, Charles Elkan wrote:
> > Subject: CD player for A4q
> > Would these be compatible electronically with the existing antenna
> > and Bose amplifiers and speakers?

Antenna, yes, although it sucks.  Plan on installing a power antenna 
in the LR fender.  Use a Hirschmann with a replaceable mast, and buy 
an extension for the antenna lead, as the stock one will not reach.

As for the Bose speakers - they will NOT work with your radio as they 
are.  You will have to disconnect the amplifier built into each 
speaker and wire directly to the speaker contacts.  As much as I like 
Crutchfield, their adaptors for this are NOT adequate.  I hear there 
may be a $200 adaptor out there, but for $200 you can replace all the 
speakers with better ones.

Once you wire directly to the Bose speakers and have the amps 
disabled, you will find the sound is still bassy and lacks trible.  
This is because the Bose amps also have EQ built in.  You will then 
either add/change speakers in the dash to restore the high end and 
leave the rest alone, or change ALL the speakers.

I found that there were NO dash speakers in my 1990 200 with Bose, so 
I am going to add them...after I get the mounting plates.  Right now 
with the Bose amps bypassed, the only way to get adequate (not great) 
sound is to leave the "Loudness" control on at all times to boost the 

Brand of player: although there are many fans of Alpine, I have used 
both Sony and JVC stereos in my cars with no real problems, and with 
long service.  The longest service I have had is from Pioneer stereo in 
my 1977 Chevy Monza Spyder - 18 years and counting.  Their Supertuner 
circuitry is good if you live in a fringe radio reception area.

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