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Re: A/C Blower & Controller Problems

>The A/C blower on my 5KCSTQ does not alway come on.  It takes slamming the 
>door to "wake it up" at times.  I think its the relay that controls this 
>but I
>don't know where its located.  Can anyone tell me where the A/C fan relay is
>located?  Also the A/C controller sometimes switches the cool air from the
>upper dash vents to the defroster vents and sometimes after a few minutes
>returns the air to the upper dash vents.  Is this normal?  Sometimes it
>returns to the upper dash vents until the car is turned off and restarted 
>then it doesn't always work....Any suggestions???  TIA

The blower is dying it's not a relay.  If you get really creative and use 
a Steak Knife you can do the job in 30 min.  Right Randall?

The airflow is a a/c programmer problem and it's either getting low 
voltage or the vacume solinoids are mucked up.


Eric Fletcher
St. Louis, MO