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Re: Audi Wagons

Jeff steps in it too!!:
> The Turbo wagons don't have a 3rd seat so they have the same capacity
where do you folks get this 'information'? you certainly haven't seen
an S6... I seriously doubt that mine's the only one in the world with
a 3rd seat (and a turbo to boot!!)
> You can't be cool in an wagon, sorry.  Even if you have an S6, it's still
> a wagon.  I suppose you could out drag some, but there are too many
> cars out there that weigh less and have high-output engines.

just ask any of the folks in the Northwest Quattro club as to how an
S6 wagon performs on the track. I think either my wife or I (we both
drove separately) caught and/or passed everything on the track that
day. There was one fellow who had a Ned equipped 200TQW, but he had
problems with poisoning (testosterone) and spun off the track. Never
got a chance to give him a try.

I could care less about stoplight drags. They really beat up your
car and only show one facet of a car's performance envelope. Since
you've bought an Audi (or are on the list anyway) I'd assume you are
interested in the others....

As for being 'cool', I guess I'll never be as cool as the guy in the
late model Camaro (w/ 'G-FORCE license plate) that we dusted coming
back over Mt. Hood. We had a full Thule top case, two bicycles and
otherwise stuffed with equipment. 

took him on an inside corner at 90+, definitely uncool... =80

steve powers ... '95.5 S6 ... '95 620RX/C ... '91 K100RS-16V ... '88 R100S
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"I must tell you that these are strong Bavarian beer-carrying horses, not
 the smaller ones of Italy." (Ferdinand Piech)