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Re: QCUSA @ the GLEN

>For those who insist on flaming the club for any past sins (perceived 
>or real), how about spending some of that negative energy doing 
>something constructive- like joining the new regional chapters, running 
>for the national board etc.  Help make any changes needed to make the 
>club better.  The club has the basics in place, the addition of active 
>regional chapters will only help.

Do you even understand the election process?  Obviously not.....  You 
have to be Nominated BY THE BOARD....  Do you think that they will 
nominate Anyone with a different view than theirs?  I think not.....  I 
have offered my time and more importantly my experience to make their 
track events better and MUCH more informative, THe QCUSA declined. It's 
their loss...  I can make there events more informative (Some of the 
stuff they teach is DANGEROUSLY WRONG) and much more cost effictive so 
that the entry fees can be MUCH lower....  Do you know what they are 
asking you to pay for two days at Waterford Hills (A glorified go-cart 
track...  Not the Technical masterpiece that the club will lead you to 
belive) The same amount of money that they charged you for Watkins....  
Yup that's right $260/2 days....  Do you know what waterford cost to 
rent?  $750/day.......  Something smells here and it aint the fish........

>BTW Karen Chadwick was in attendance and readily available for anyone
>to talk to. I believe she may also be attending the next event at Lime 
>Rock.  So...quit the bitchin, Signup, have a great time, and maybe get
>a chance to have your questions answered in person.  

Well when Karen was asked questions here she NEVER Answered them....  
Signup?  Not until they change their ways......


Eric Fletcher
St. Louis, MO