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RE: 20 questions / answers

     >Do the people in this group work for a living?  Even in the digest 
     >version, this is a time-consuming list.
Yes I do and it only takes me ~30 min to read my (non digest) mail if I just 
delete the stuff that does not pertain to me.

     >I thought the S6 was the renamed S4.  Is there an S4 which is A4 
Not exactly.  The models I believe ran simultaneously and the turbo's are 
           >The 10valve typically doesn't break its cam belt very 
     >often, and when it does, it doesn't blow the engine.  So you are only 
     >stranded, not looking at major repair costs
 Just because it does not brake anything it doesn't mean that it should be 
done.  Just a hunch but I would tend to think that waiting till it brakes is 
an accident waiting to happen.

IMHO= in my humble opinion.  The H position can also be changed to other 
letters such as f(u*****) or no letters at all.
     >Some abbreviations I can figure out (like BTW), but what the heck is 
     >that one?  How does one learn these things?
BTW= by the way.  I just have been trying to figure them out one at a time but 
I am sure there is a book available.
        4K engine specs were requested by someone
     I didn't read this carefully, but I think it was just a stock 86, 
     which would be the same as my 84.
Not the same depending on the month of manufacture.  You can tell by the 
engine code on the VIN.  5th digit.  a=110hp?(bentley typo?) b=115
My 86 has 115 stock @5500 with 126lb of torque.  The older model has 110 @5500 
and 122@2500.  If someone can tell me differant please pipe in and correct me.

Pat Martin
864000csq 2 1/2 cat back, H&R-Boge,advanced and loving it.  Drilled and 
stopping it.  Koenig Cobra 16x7 with AVS Intermediates.
95 subaru legacy awd: so stock it hurts