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Re: CD player for A4q

Hi Charles,

  I have a 1996 A4 quattro, and I've been waiting for months for
  the local car stereo shops to get the adapter that would let
  them install an Alpine CD changer (I'm in San Diego).  It's
  still not available, and I'm going on a long trip in ten days
  from now.

  The idea came to me that I could just get a new head unit with
  a CD player in it, and forget the changer.  I'd like to get the
  collective wisdom of this list on this possibility:

  (1) Is it much better to have a changer than a head unit that you
  put single CDs into, like a cassette player?

I have the 'single CD' head unit. Pros & Cons IMHO are:

-Easy changing of CD's if you take more than 10 CD's (ie on a very long drive
-If, like me, you're basically lazy, you don't have to delve into the boot
to change your CD selection every time. I'd prolly end up listening to the
same CD's over and over again, not bothering to change them until they'd
make me puke.
-No occupation of precious boot space
-IMO better on bumpy roads (compared to my brother's Sony CD changer)
-No cable to run thorough your car, less hassle

-Changing CD's while driving is very dangerous (although I've become quite
adept at it)
-If you do a lot of long distance driving, you will be changing CD's a lot too
-You cannot play tapes any more as you could do with a radiocassette/CD
changer combo
-CD head units get very hot on operation. I once burnt my fingers on the
detachable front panel, admittedly after playing full blast for some time

  (2) Would aftermarket radio/CD units fit into the Audi Delta slot?

To my knowledge any standard DIN unit would fit (at least in my 80)

  Would these be compatible electronically with the existing antenna
  and Bose amplifiers and speakers?

Antenna: prolly Yes, speakers: dunno.

  Can I trust a local installation
  shop to do the job right the first time?

I'd do it myself, I wouldn't want anyone I don't know messing with my
electrics. Read the list on electric problems...how many of those would be
caused by stupid mechanics previously having bodged something? Probably a
high percentage... The radio in my parents' Golf had been installed
'professionally'. Some jerk had perforated one speaker with a screwdriver
and fastened the speakers with glazing kit instead of screws. Oh yes, and
the head unit was busted because the aforementioned jerk had used his fist
to compensate for a narrow dash opening. Violence is incompatible with

  (3) What brand and model do you recommend that would have high build
  quality and sound quality, and look compatible with the A4 dash, i.e
  have red on black electronic displays?

Some manufacturers offer switchable back lighting in green/red/amber. I
think Pioneer and Hitachi offer 'Audi Red', but there might be others in
the US.

Enjoy your Q!

Bye, Tom
1988 80 1.8S FWD

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