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Re: Lights & Boneyards

Hi Joe,

You are right on the origin of US spec cars here- I live near Soesterberg
in Holland, the former US Air Force base. The 'yards around here are
littered with US-spec cars, but most have been driven into the ground.
Why would anyone here use US parts on his/her car?
-It looks different/cool to some to have different lights/bumpers etc.
Makes a change from the usual 'Halfords' custom (cheap chain store for
aftermarket car parts)
-A lot of the people driving customised cars over here can't actually drive
very well, so why should they be able to see where they are going? :-)
-The latest craze here appears to be painting your headlights/rear lights
black, seriously reducing output. That's even more dangerous than US spec
lights IMO.

>Regarding US lights in european yards.  These may be from cars that were
>from the US at Uncle Sam's expense with US military.  Typically, these
>cars >will
>not be in the best of shape (mine are, of course, in primo condition) and often
>end up in junkyards.  If we, as US citizens don't want the crappy US spec
>lights, then why would the europeans?  (Parts for GM/Ford and particularly --
>Jeeps, are another question).

>Joe Yakubik
>'91 200QW euro lights, bosch fogs -- electrical gremlins currently subdued

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