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4000/80/90 front strut bearings

In any VW/4000/80/90 series car, ALWAYS
replace the front "strut top bearing", about a $20
part that sits above the spring cap, inside the
strut seat.  It forms a bushing and a rotating
point for the strut.  The originals wear out
starting at about 75k miles, depending on use.

You must remove the old ones to replace the shocks
anyway, so the additional labor is zero.  BTW, I would
avaoid any mechanic who doesn't insist on them.

I bought mine from Linda at Carlson Audi, for about

note: I would install TurboGas, not ProGas.  They are
not that stiff.  The ProGas is "progressive" - meaning
soft in the middle position, more damping off center.
That implies better ride, but at what cost in control?
I don;t really know, but I do know the Turbos are fine by
me, in my 90q20v, and the TurboTS hydraulics were good in
my previous 4000-series q.